Dr. Heather puts special emphasis on analyzing the full picture of your health as a woman, realizing that neck or back pain is often the symptom of deeper and more chronic patterns. . For example,  pelvic imbalances, past traumas, gut health, emotional stress, past traumas, anxiety, hormonal changes and/or daily routines can greatly influence wellness.  Chiropractic, craniosacral, muscle therapy, stretching exercises, nutritional advice, and functional medicine are usually what I find most helpful in my care of women.


As a daughter of a chiropractor I have always been hyper-aware of my body and the state of it. Having over four decades of life under my belt now I have been through many stages in my body and health experience. Puberty, the fabulous 20s, three children in my 30s and now the Fun forties. Each decade has brought changes and new ways of learning to adapt to what is not only going around in my outer life but in my inner body. Being a woman I am very aware of how my daily experience is influenced by hormones and that is why I have always focused on women’s health. Hormonal health is an important piece of all our health, it truly can dictate how we feel and act in the world. I have been intensively studying hormones since my first son was born in 2009 and am pleased to offer help and guidance in the form of blood testing, other lab testing, nutritional supplements and when needed referrals for bio-identical hormone therapy.