Dr. Heather is trained in craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and visceral manipulation.  These are very light-touch techniques based in the cranial sacral system (head, spine, sacrum, and tissues surrounding these structures) and the organ system.  I began my craniosacral education with the Upledger Insitute in 2008 after receiving profound healing as a child and then again during Chiropractic college.  Since then, I have had many other teachers, including the wonderful Carol Gray in Portland.  I love cranial work in that it is a patient-lead process and I simply use a gentle touch to follow the patient’s tissues and help facilitate release in the tissues.  Because of this, it is a very safe technique, even for babies hours old and people very sick.  Myofascial release uses the fascia (connective tissue) as a guide to release muscles, joints, organ tension, etc.  Finally, Visceral Manipulation focuses on freeing the organs and digestive tract to function optimally through specific hands-on work on the abdomen.

“After suffering a concussion one year ago, I was diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome. The healing process felt very slow and I felt helpless as the doctors treat PCS with rest and I have two small children! After many months of slow healing a friend recommended Cranial Therapy. I was desperate to get help for my anxiety, tiredness, stress and abnormal emotions caused from the concussion. Cranial therapy with Heather was a very positive experience and opened the doors to helping heal my entire body. Thanks to the therapy, supplements and Heather’s support and encouragement I feel great again! — Julianne McDaniel