As you know, we are dedicated to help you achieve exceptional health and wellness. That is why we want to let you know about our new BaseLine bloodwork panel. We have a cash lab that costs only 10% of what insurance charges.  Dr. Heather has put together a BaseLine panel which costs $225-$250 and includes many tests not included in regular blood panels or even covered by most insurance companies.  Dr. Heather has devised a test to analyze the fuel sources for your body, what gives you energy and makes you feel good in your body, along with the typical tests regularly ordered by your primary care doctor.  This test is perfect for someone who feels off and has been told that everything is "normal" by their doctor.

Establishing BaseLine bloodwork is useful for discovering what is out of lab range normal that needs attention. Also, we look for patterns that may indicate future health problems which may be avoided with proper care and lifestyle changes. Dr. Heather has been working in Functional Medicine now for over seven years and feels confident in her ability to help her patients and also get them the resources they need for optimal vitality. 

The BaseLine test includes:

  • Adrenal function (stress response system)

  • Thyroid function

  • B12 levels

  • Metabolic function

  • Immune System

  • Vitamin D

  • Blood sugar markers

  • MTFHR/methylation markers

You may also add other hormones like testosterone (think sex drive), progesterone (think calm and sleep) and estrogen (think juicy and confidence).  People may choose to add cardiac risk and inflammation markers like C-Reactive Protein and blood sugar markers like Hemoglobin A1C.  Cholesterol is also an important marker that we can add. All these can be added for very low cost to you.

Chiropractic and Functional Medicine have always focused on optimal function and preventitive care.  Adding BaseLine bloodwork into the mix allows for a more full picture of health and more opportunity for healing and vitality.


"Using Dr. Heather’s wellness blood work, she was able to help me understand how my low levels were contributing to my feeling of exhaustion. Like an artist, she crafted a specialized plan to get me back to my energized self again."